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Home and Companion Care

At Home Caregivers provides non-medical home care services and companion care to seniors, those who are disabled, people recovering from surgery, and many others with unique circumstances. Whether you need 24-hour care or hourly assistance, we strive to match your family with the best possible caregiver.


Depending on the amount of care you need, we provide both 24-hour care and hourly assistance. In addition to the specific services we provide, we strive to match your family with caregivers that are the right fit for your family, as well as, the best fit for the services you need.


Whether you live across the country or across the street from your aging family members, our home care and companion services give family and friends the peace of mind that their loved one is getting the attention and care they deserve.


Companion care is primarily emotional support and companionship for seniors who want to remain at home. However, it can also include a range of non-medical services that help make a senior's life more manageable.


With our non-medical in-home companion care, a trusted aide can keep your loved one socially engaged at home, and also accompany them to visit friends, family, and other social events.


Other services include:

  • Assistance with daily routines

  • Help with planning, scheduling and keeping appointments

  • Transportation assistance to the grocery store, doctor's appointments, and errands

  • Planning and encouraging social activities: local sightseeing trips, movies, shopping, visits to family and friends, and anything that keeps the your loved ones busy and enjoying life

  • Exercising to keep a healthy body, mind and spirit. This can include walks in the neighborhood, swimming at the local pool, and anything that keeps them active

  • Entertaining with hobbies, games, etc.

  • Interacting with family members to keep them abreast of their loved one's condition

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